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A well-manicured lawn boosts curb appeal and makes a great impression on guests. But keeping up with all that mowing and trimming on your own can take a toll on your back, your energy and your leisure time. With mowing services from Texas Pride Landscapes and Irrigation, you can maintain your lawn without experiencing all that exhaustion. At Texas Pride Landscapes & Irrigation, we take the health and beauty of your lawn seriously. Our expert lawn care professionals will give you a yard worthy of pride. We also offer commercial lawn maintenance and commercial mowing services

Trust Texas Pride Landscapes &Irrigation in Plano, TX to keep your lawn lush, green and perfectly trimmed. Hand off the lawn care chores to us - you won't regret shortening your to-do list. When you let us manage the mowing, you'll be free to spend your weekends doing what you love. As our customer, you can expect attentive service and exceptional yard cleanup work. Unlike amateur landscaping teams, we won't leave you with a mess of weeds or mangled shrubbery.

Our Pricing

(Based on Lot Size)

Up to 5,000 sqft | $25.00

5,001-8,000 sqft | $30.00

8,001-9,500 sqft | $35.00

9,501-15,000 sqft | $40.00

1/2 Acre (25,000 sqft) | $65.00

1 Acre | $100.00 (includes cleaning beds)

Customized service plans are available:

Customized service plans are available:

We offer a full-service maintenance program, which includes:

• Mowing, edging and trimming
• Weekly concrete clearing
• Flowerbed weeding
• Fertilizing and weed control
• Shrub trimming
• One mulching service in the spring
• Sprinkler system inspection
• Spring and fall clean-up
• Sprinkler system winterization
• Winter leaf removal
• Crape myrtle trim in January

Due to the numerous factors that go into commercial lawn mowing & maintenance we must perform a free lawn consultation for a pricing estimate:

• Lawn maintenance includes weekly lawn mowing, string trimming, steel blade edging, lawn debris removal, weeding, flowerbed maintenance
• Other optional services can be selected
• Fertilizing
• Weed control programs
• Shrub trimming
• Crepe Myrtle Pruning
• Seasonal color (flowers) Flowerbed
• Tree Mulching
• Sprinkler Inspection Repair

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